Interview with Jerome Resurreccion

Here is a clip from my brief interview with Jerome Resurreccion. We chatted about Page One, the New York Times, the journalism field and jobs within the industry. Jerome shares with me his opinions and personal observations of the new journalism field in a fun, lighthearted way. He is a very witty and colorful character, and a good friend of mine. It’s always a joy to interview him!

You can follow Jerome’s personal blog here.

EDIT: Sorry about the awful sound quality! We were testing out the audio attachment mic and I didn’t realize the sound was recording other background noises. I am definitely going to stick to using my phone’s recording mic.


2 responses to “Interview with Jerome Resurreccion

  1. Yes, Me too. I’m sad the microphone didn’t work. I would have helped you redo it, but I wasn’t in school when you asked I had to go home because of an emergency. I love how soundcloud looks great for blog use. It’s such an amazing feature and it just makes me that more excited since I have never really made blogs before. this class.

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