#projectsocialmedia: Interview with a Parent

This video is a part of my larger social media project/multimedia report for this class, #ProjectSocialMedia. Using a variety of mediums, I will be exploring the effects that social media has on our lives, in every generation. Here is some footage from a brief interview I did at home with my mom. I asked her questions about how often she uses Facebook and how the site in a way has affected her.

I filmed with a FlipCam and recorded better audio through my iPhone’s microphone device. I also edited the video using iMovie, the voiceover effect, and incorporated different angles/close-ups/moving clips to get a more documentary-like feel to the interview.


Screen shot 2013-10-15 at 2.44.16 AM


4 responses to “#projectsocialmedia: Interview with a Parent

  1. Love the angles used in your video! Definitely agree with your mom that Facebook is an easy way to reach people when they don’t answer their phones. Your mom’s laugh is so cute!

  2. I really like how you were very versatile with the angles and positions of your videoing. It made the video more interesting and easy to watch. I also love how you included your mom’s laughter in the video. You can really get a feel of her character in the video and you were able to capture her experience with Facebook well.

  3. Like I said in class it reminds me of the Office! I can’t believe you have never edited a video or made on before. If this is your first one you did such an amazing job for your first time! I am so excited for you to start making more videos.

  4. This is gold. I just love this and it’s a great story to show how not just the young generation and people our age are utilizing social media, but its our parents and the older generation that is using it actively as well.

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