They say that journalism is a “dying field.” I say it is one of the most dynamic, living professions to date.

As a writer, I long to express. To create. To be my most authentic self. As a striving journalist, I long to tell stories. To discover. To let voices be heard, and to share them with others. To me, journalism is an outlet, an exchange of up-to-date and relevant information, valuable accuracy, and compelling novelty. News is the telling of stories, the sharing of voices, that connect us all as one.

I’ve always loved stories. Reading, writing, watching on films…you’ve got a plot & a set of characters, and I’m there. I also enjoy keeping up with current events and news, through  a variety of mediums: CNN, ABC, Huffington, random blogs & websites, and especially on social media outlets. As a journalist, I want to be able to share important news and stories discovered (and maybe someday even my own) with the growing world around me. I am passionate about writing, and through it I am always learning more and more about myself/the world around me. I have YEARS of journaling experience in a personal diary, and over 5 years of digital blogging experience. And I continue to learn more. I want to write, travel, and explore. Personally I enjoy traditional news-writing and print/newspapers/magazines. I’m also into new media and technology, social media and change, and would love to learn more about broadcast/digital journalism, with the world shifting from paper to pixels.

This blog was created on Sept 3rd, 2013, initially as a class project for my Journalism & New Media class at LMU. It also begins a semester-long journey of thoughts & ideas, quirks, expressions, opinions, comments, learning and discovery. Please read & enjoy!

– Allyson Escobar


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